Do you remember October 2008? Of course you do. 1930-ish economic crisis. We were so close to a complete economic meltdown…you under-appreciate it I guarantee you. Do you remember how you felt that November…”this can’t be really happening!” Did you do some very focused homework on what you should have done if you would have known ahead of time of the coming crash? My advice – DO THAT NOW.

At a minimum, learn about what we discuss here to see if the idea of insuring your hard earned assets makes sense for you. You know the saying…fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice

So lets discuss insurance. People insure their homes, car, lives and even their pets but fewer than 3% buy insurance for their wealth. They will pay thousands every year on the off chance that they may need the insurance and at the end of the year, have nothing to show for it and do it all over again. That is the smart thing to do. But if it is good for homes and cars, why not take out some insurance on your money? What’s more likely for you – a continued decline of the dollar slowly eroding your REAL savings or a fire, flood or earthquake?

It doesn’t matter if your savings, precious metal IRA’s, 401k’s or other gold investments total $3,000, $30,000, $300,000 or more…the question remains – do you have insurance? This is no joke, believe me – you need to get this right – and soon.

DOW OFF 1000 POINTS IN ONE WEEK in May! This after dropping about the same in 30 minutes last week. Again down over 300 points first week in June. July we broke well under 10,000 again! I wrote about this happening a year ahead of this downturn. I followed that with a published article you can find on my articles page that discussed in detail the pervasive feeling that the market is on edge…everyone has their fingers an inch away from the ‘sell’ button. For over four months, it has been trying to go up…but it wants to go down in the worst way. Can’t you feel it? The information contained in what I have written has never been more on target than it is right now…not for over 80 years anyway. You need to learn this…

WAIT What year is this?

Everything up to this point was written and on this page on this website in the summer of 2009. Seriously, we are currently in the same spot or even worse. It is now obvious to almost everyone that global economics are on shaky ground. Certainly all Western economies. Really the only thing that has changed is that the people who bought my book, read it and did what it said, now own gold for the right reasons and their holdings have doubled. Unfortunately, it is still far from being too late if you have passed on gold and silver so far. You will be in a strong position to make that decision for yourself after reading the materials. Or sit back, wring your hands and watch the economic problems worsen and still have no insurance…no back up.

Do you know history has shown that the right kind of gold has been one of the best forms of insurance for your money – protecting your wealth in times of economic turmoil…and you don’t have to buy it again next year…you get to keep it.

Do you know that many people who buy gold often end up buying what they are sold because they have no plan?

Do you know that much of the gold coins sold to the public today would not be purchased by gold brokers and other insiders for their own portfolios? You may want to read that one again.

At this point, you need to know – I DO NOT SELL GOLD. I have as recently as spring of 2009…but I do not anymore. I combine that insider knowledge with 24 years in and around the markets, plus 22 years of international business experience to become your personal advocate.


Do You Still Need Insurance?

Maybe you think the need for protective action has passed?

Remember October 2008? At the end of that month, the world was closer to economic collapse than it has been in 70 years. This is for real. If you knew what top government officials knew, you would have not been able to sleep at night…maybe you didn’t. Many of us suffered serious economic pain during those days; and contrary to what much of the press might have us believe, most Americans are still down 20% to 30% and more. Unfortunately, many of the important elements that precipitated that crisis are actually worse today than they were then.

Do you know that over the last 100 years, the World’s Central Banks and most countries have been sellers of gold until this last year? This should be a big deal to you!

Why would the world’s banks and countries around the world be buying gold? The answer? To use a computer term – BACK-UP….they want BACK-UP. They want an alternate form of proven protection.

If you knew what top bankers, national politicians and the Federal Reserve knows, you would be motivated to learn about options that could protect yourself now. Some form of your own ‘back-up’. I will tell you much of what they know.

The facts are things have been bad for so long that we have become desensitized. What should be thought of as horrible news has become an up-tick – a turnaround. The “declines are less than last month” is now good news. Granted, it is better than going the other way; but until the important numbers turn positive, we remain in decline. It has been that way now for almost two years!

DON’T BE FOOLED! You cannot afford to be lulled into complacency. Even after 1 trillion dollars of government created stimulus money, the solid support needed to form the base for real recovery remains somewhere beyond where anyone can see.  The more dollars the government prints and gives away, the further away everyone is from knowing what will happen next…that’s just a plain fact.

Look, I am not here to scare you. My mission is to protect you. In fact that is not even 100% accurate…  The honest to God truth is:

“I am here to provide you enough of the honest, accurate, insider information to help you decide if you need protection; and if so, what that should look like.”

It does not impact me one bit if you ever buy gold or not. In order to protect you, I must inform you. It is the only way. Really I am here to educate you. You need to learn enough of the big picture to make some intelligent plans specific to your situation. I looked hard for this kind of information as a Gold Broker and could not find it.

Oh, I found a piece here, and a piece there; but for people outside the Gold Selling Business, it’s too fragmented and usually slanted towards motivating you to buy gold from people who’s main business is to sell it to you. I could find no information that taught the consumer how gold dealers and gold brokers operate for example. Without this information, you are much more vulnerable. Then to take that information and frame it accurately within U.S. and global economics…so in one sitting, from one source you move very far down the scale of becoming your own expert. This didn’t exist until this e-book, ‘How to Buy Gold Like an Insider – THE Guide to Insiders’ Success.’ I have always believed that no one will stand up for you better than yourself.I will get you there.

I cannot absolutely guarantee you where and how this will all end. I am supremely confident that before it gets better for real – it will likely get much worse…we are in too deep. It is very prudent of you to be considering your options. In order to make quality, unbiased, informed decisions…you need to go looking for that information too. You do not have the time to re-create what I have done over the last 14 months. Your search will be much easier and way more productive because I cover all this and much, much more in my new e-book: “BUY GOLD LIKE AN INSIDER – The Guide to Insiders’ Success“.

For less than most spend on coffee for a month, I will provide you this information like it has never been presented before…including information the gold selling industry does not want you to know.

No Matter What Happens – Your Money Will Be Stored Somewhere, Somehow, Right? Three Years From Now, The Money You Protect Today May Become More VALUE-”able” Than Everything Else You Own!

The good news is that the world’s economies have not completely collapsed. They are in serious trouble, but not collapsed. Contrary to what many investors feel – there is no safety in doing nothing. Doing nothing is an active decision. When it comes to the precious metals markets, people do nothing for fear of making a mistake. They lack confidence based on a deficit of quality information – actionable information!

Do you know that the value of Gold over time has changed little? The number of dollars required to buy gold has gone up considerably – that’s inflation – but gold buys relatively the same amount of goods and services as it did 100 years ago? The ‘value’ or ‘purchasing power’ has remained remarkably stable. No matter what currency you own – you can go anywhere in the world and buy gold with it; and anywhere in the world, people will pay to buy gold from you. It has been that way for over 5000 years.

There is a reason that for many years it has been known as ‘a storehouse of wealth’. If all the paper currencies in the world evaporated overnight, would owning gold give you and your family a degree of safety? A leg up on those who do not have any? Would it then buy even more goods and services? You bet it would. I am not saying this is going to happen…but please listen – you should be looking at this as a form of economic life insurance. Learn about economic life insurance here – then decide.

In times of economic crisis like we experienced in the 1930’s, and barely missed in October 08, people would not be buying loaves of bread with gold, they would buy the bakery. Ask yourself – what else can you buy and keep that would do this for you? A form of insurance, or back-up, on your money that allows you to sleep better? Just like the world’s Central Banks and Countries that can, you should learn if you need back-up, and if so, how to do it correctly – increasing your odds of success.

Again – it doesn’t matter if you ever buy any gold. If you do not, you will decide this with purpose and confidence based on what I will share with you in “BUY GOLD LIKE AN INSIDER – The Guide to Insiders’ Success”….all for less than one months cell phone bill.


#1. Should YOU buy Gold? Yes! Yes! Everyone is telling you yes. But MAYBE NOT! Every situation is different. I will help you answer this with confidence. Start here – even if you have bought gold in the past – some of my happiest clients are buyers of my gold buying guide.

#2. What Gold should YOU own? If you can’t answer this question then you should not be buying gold. Believe me; someone will answer it for you if you don’t. Most of the horror stories I heard as a gold broker would have ended differently if the buyers knew enough to answer this question for themselves.

#3. At What Gold Price? If you do not know why you are buying gold, you won’t know what kind of gold to buy. If you are unsure of what kind of gold to buy, you will not know a good price from a bad one.

Having come from inside the gold industry, I know what gold buyers need to know to protect your future. And perhaps most importantly – as I have already said earlier, it doesn’t matter if you ever buy any gold. If you do not, you will still know more than many gold brokers which allows you to make that decision with purpose and confidence based on what I will share with you in my newly released e-book, “BUY GOLD LIKE AN INSIDER  – The Guide to Insiders’ Success”.

I left the gold selling business frustrated at the number of people who bought the wrong gold, at the wrong time, for the wrong price. I am doing all I can to help change that.


Signed Steven Peters

Read more detail on the many ways my new e-book will help you to learn HOW TO BUY GOLD LIKE A PROFESSIONAL FOR INVESTING SUCCESS!>>>>

Ladies – I have a few special thoughts for you. If there was a “group” of people who I found to be particularly adept at the process of buying precious metals…it would be you. As a gold broker, I came to realize that more often than not, women were inclined to be better gold buyers. To read more about that, go to the Gold Articles page and read my article: Women and Money  – Top 5 Reasons Women Make Better Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals Investors and what we all can learn from that.

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